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clifford auto start manual

For as long as you own the vehicle, Clifford Electronics will repair or replace the control unit and remotes free of charge. Just as easily, the code of a lost or stolen remote control can be permanently deleted from the system’s memory. The Remote Keyless Entry System surpasses all other keyless entry systems with its ease-of-use and unique security and lifestyle convenience features. After reading the simple instructions that follow, you’ll enjoy the use of a whole. Button 2 can COMMAND control two separate accessories: one when the doors are OPTIONAL locked (for example, an optional remote controlled engine ACCESSORIES. To do this, perform the following steps: 1. Flashing UltraSecure Coded Valet Mode Whenever your vehicle is to be washed, serviced or valet parked, you must put the. You can set the duration to any time interval between one second and two minutes (the timer circuit is factory preset to 15 seconds). We have made the programming procedures very simple: to make a change, you just press the PlainView switch a few times. The system comes from the factory with all of its features pre-programmed as noted in the table below. To obtain additional remotes, contact any Authorized Clifford dealer. You can also easily program these remotes into the system yourself. We use cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can count on every time. No complaints, works great! My husband has a remote start the dealership put in, and if you're not close to the vehicle to hear the horn beep, you're out of luck. I got this for my daughter last year and for me, and it works like a charm. You can't go wrong. The distance is great on it! I live in Wisconsin where winter cold is colder than cold, it is great to walk outside and get into a warm car, windshield is clear of snow and ice, I bought and had it installed by Best Buy, it works great and the installer was very helpful and still is when I call with a quick question.

Enter your e-mail and subscribe to our newsletter. For any are: 7752X for Responder LC 2-way remote control and 7652X for. Find the user manual you need for your TV and more at ManualsOnline. Clifford 50.7X Universal Remote User Manual. Page 1 Security and Remote Start. 21 Nov 2014 Not sure if this the right place to ask this so if you think there is a better sub please guide me. I had to replace the battery and now vehicle serviced, the remote start system must be disabled using the installed toggle switch. It is the user's sole Remote starters on manual transmission vehicles operate differently than those with automatic. RPN 7752X. IC: 1513A.7752. Cap leadership manual, Cholecystitis ultrasound report for cystic hygroma, Arab ngo network for development petition, Dota buy guide, Gimnasio form gym cordoba spain. Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. Offer valid online only at Limit 1 per customer. No more waiting around for your car to warm up or scraping frost off of the windows in colder climates. And no more sweating it out waiting for your vehicle to cool down on those hot day. With a remote start you can push a button and the engine will start without you having to enter the vehicle. For details please contact your local Car Toys store. Worth, Texas. Nearly every call is the result of one of the situations below and is easily solved. Mobile edge is proud to offer Compustar at our facility in Lehighton, PA. Browse Compustar remote car starters here. Click the photo for a larger image. Also, many remote car starters will revert to valet mode when the vehicle is disconnected for service. The remote car starter can be put into this mode to prevent the vehicle from starting remotely while allowing keyless entry and certain other functions to work. You would do this when having service done to your vehicle. Press the Start button, and your car should be warm and toasty!

Many times, customers will accidentally bump this switch during day-to-day driving, causing the remote starter to go into valet mode. This is easily corrected in most cases by simply flipping the switch in the other direction. The location of the hood pin can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Note that, in some cases, a tilt switch is used in lieu of a hood pin. If equipped, Lock and Unlock still function. Without this, a mechanic could be seriously injured if the vehicle was remotely started while they were working on it. In most cases, this is accomplished by a hood pin switch or a hood tilt switch. Either of these devices will tell the car starter when the hood is open. These devices can fail over time or be broken if a mechanic leans on them accidentally. Replacing the hood switch is a simple matter and can be done at most mobile electronics stores. Like any “computer” device, sometimes they lose memory. When this happens, simply call the store that installed it for you. In some cases, they may be able to tell you how to reprogram it over the phone. Other times, you will have to return to the store for a technician to program it. In any case, this is rare with higher-end remote starters. Many remote car starter remote controls have the ability to start two vehicles.Most are simply untrue. If you get a quality remote car starter installed by a professional installer, you will minimize your odds of having problems. We do not have the resources to provide technical support for starters not installed at Mobile Edge. Thank you for your understanding. It is filled with over 25 pages of great advice to ensure that your buying experience is a great one! The other day I put the key in the ignition and put it in accessory mode and hit the start button on the remote and the car started. It only starts in that mode and I don’t know why. I might add that the car needs a starter because when I try and start it sometimes I only get a click when using the ignition switch.

It would do the same with the remote until recently. Is there something I might have done to make the remote only start or try to start in accessory mode only. My Best, John There is a good possibility that this will correct your issue with the remote starter also.I have numbers on my key pob and says its datastart but can’t find nothing on it. Its on a Chrysler 300c if that helps it unlocks doors locks and trunk but a click noise comes from under dash.I hit start and it clicks six times and no start? It should tell you on the brain what brand it is. Located burnt 30 fuse at remote starter which supplies current to the starter. Replaced fuse and everything works. Thanks for your post, it helped me solve my remote start issue. Remove Two screws, often hold the outside antenna, remove the screws Lift out the Antenna from its connector APPLY “Dielectric grease” (the same as small packets of, Spark-plug Dielectric grease OR Light bulb connection grease, purchased at any auto parts) Application on the connector terminals. This will make positive connection and protect the electrical integrity of the terminals. Regards Katherine R McCall An where can I buy one. Please help I have the model with the switch under the driver side I flip it opposite and then nothing flashes nor starts and flip it back then it does flash and trys to start several times also next to the switch it has a black pin up can push in I don’t know what’s that for I press it hold it but doesn’t seem to do anything Your dealer should be able to reprogram this very easily. You will need to take the vehicle back to the dealer that installed it. They may or may not charge for this service.The car’s engine will “try to start”, but it sounds as if it isn’t getting enough gas to the engine, or the ignition is not turning long enough for the car to start.It is really difficult to give you any kind of diagnosis without actually taking a look at it.

If the car is starting fine with the key then I would tend to look towards the remote starter, but that is not a certainty. Just for future reference: You situation, unfortunately, is exactly what can happen when a remote starter is bought at one place and installed in another. And you get stuck in the middle. When I press the button to lock the doors I get 3 beeps and the display shows me my hood is open. The car still locks but sometimes within minutes, sometimes within hours the remote beeps twice and says the doors have been opened (the doors don’t unlock though). When I try to remote start the display agan tells me the hood is open and nothing happens.One the surface, it sounds like you have a defective or mis-aligned hood pin. I would highly recommend that you take the vehicle back to the installer and let them check it out. They should be able to solve this issue for you. When I hit buttons on remote my hazard lights flash 1 or 2 times, but car will not start. Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to correct it? The dealer wasn’t aware of it and I discovered it by accident. I was playing around with the remote and I discovered a valet pamphlet in the papers I was throwing out. Today I got the battery replaced and now the remote start doesn’t work. The truck will start and then cut off within the second and the security light will come on and the cluster gauges will just freeze and the lights would remain on as if the truck is running. The fob won’t unlock the door and I would have to unlock the door with the key and hit the brake to get the cluster gauges to unfreeze and the parking lights to turn off. I’m unsure of where the system was installed as this truck had 2 previous owners. Any suggestions? This would be an explanation for why the truck starts and then stops right away. I can’t explain why the remote is no longer unlocking. I would contact the manufacturer and see if they can help or refer you to a local dealer for assistance.

I just had the battery replaced in the car, and now the remote does not start the car. The parking lights come on for two seconds, then turn off, then flash for three times slowly. Car does not start. Before the parking lights came on, then go off while starting, then come back on when car starts. These devices typically need to be programmed to your car. Occasionally, losing power (or replacing a battery) may result in the device losing programming. I would go back to the shop that installed it and asked them to take a look. I’ll bet its a simple fix. What I had done while changing the battery, was leave the key in the On position. I removed the ground wire for 30 seconds, and reconnected with the key out of the ignition, and everything is back to normal. Thanks Glad it worked out for you! I noticed that once I pushed the autostart button my park lights did not come and the LED light in the car which controls the autostart was on as a steady light as opposed to flashing. I did research on the web and figured out if I turned the ignition switch from off to the run postion a few times I could get the LED light to flash again but autostart still does not work. Do you know what would cause this problem. I can’t seem to figure out how to reprogram the fob for autostart to work again. It is winter and really cold where I live and not happy about going outside in the cold to start my truck. I would either contact the dealer who installed it or the manufacturer directly. It does sound to me that the remote has lost programming so I think you are on the right track! Anyway, when I got the car the remote start worked one time then months later I went to use the remote start and it won’t work. Will I need to just have this old one taken out and a new one installed. Looking forward to a response. Let me know what city you are near and perhaps I know someone in your area that can help. Sorry about that. The remote worked fine until last winter when travelling to London.

I’m not sure what I did but since then, the remote start will not start my car. I have a remote with a single press button (key diagram) and no other buttons on this remote. When I try to start the car, it beeps once which after a few seconds should start but then it beeps again 4 times and done. Nothing happens. I’ve tried to find a solution in the owner’s manual, but unfortunatly, it’s french and although I can read it and write, there is nothing in there that seems to have anything to do with the remote starter. Can you help me out or do I have to go to the dealership to fix this problem. Will be looking forward to your reply! Thanks! Always go to the original installer if possible with issues.And London is pretty nice!!! Chantal I would contact the company. Car itself starts fine with key. Another question my father’s car is an 07 chevy malibu would i be able to use the same kit in my 06 chevy colorado since he doesn’t care to use it? Starting 2 years ago, the remote doesn’t beep but it still opens closes door starts engine and flashes as confirmation as normal. You know why it doesn’t beep? I’d guess that it is a defect in the remote, but I would contact the manufacturer directly. The car will start with the key if i wait 10 to 15 minutes. It was a present install by a large retailer that is now out of business. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It likely has lost programming. You should contact the starter manufacturer or the bypass manufacturer to determine the proper programming procedure. When I press it the car sounds like it’s going to start, even the radio comes on, but instead of starting it beep 4 times. Any idea what the code for 4 beeps is? I would suspect that it is a tach or transponder issue. You should check with the shop that installed it. It’s worked like a charm for all of these years. Today it decided not to start for me, nor did the rear lights on the car come on as they normally do before it starts, etc.

When I tried to set it again tonight, it set just fine. I can’t figure out what is wrong. Any ideas? I would check the manual or contact your installer. Probably nothing major. I watched the video on taking it out of valet mode. I just get lights flashing she wont start.When you press the remote you can hear a click but it won’t start. Any idea what could be wrong. Thanks Check with your installer and they should be able to get it taken care of. The car starts but my remote doesn’t receive confirmations even if it is in range. I dont know what the problem is. Please go to the shop where you had it installed and they should be able to diagnose it for you. I do not know the type as this is a second hand vehicle i just purchased. My problem is my remote will not unlock my doors. It will do everything else but not unlock my doors. Any ideas. P:s. when i push the unlock button the interior lights come on and the dashboard lights come on just like it would if the doors unlocked. If that is the case, I would check any wiring that is associated with the power door locks and the remote starter and make sure that there is not a loose, bad or shorted connection. THe tech (whoever that was) hooked up the door lock relay to the wrong wire. Sometimes worked but most times didn’t. Was rewired and works like a charm now. Thanks for the help. I hopee you can Help me whit so little info. Thanks Are there batteries on the responder in the car that need to be replaced also? Dealer added a Vioer 5301. When they added the Viper, they disabled the factory key fob remotes for the doors. Why? Why can’t the factory key fobs be used to open the doors. Don’t like having to press the Viper 3 times to unlock the doors. I would consult with the dealer and find out why. Tough to say. Usually it’s is the other way around and it’s a simple matter of taking the device out of valet mode. Sorry I don’t have a better answer. It worked flawlessly until about a year and a half ago.

Since then if the temperature drops below about 30 degrees the vehicle won’t start. It does act like it tries too and by that I mean that it will act like it has a dead battery in the truck. You know, the old eruuun, eruun click.I have replaced the battery in the remote unit and the truck as well. Same problem. If the temperature warms up however it always starts like it always did. Maybe it too just got old like myself and it doesn’t want to work in the cold. Have you ever heard of this before. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. A couple of thoughts. 1. Possibly it needs to have the tach single reprogrammed to crank slightly longer. Worth a shot. 2. Gm vehicles are notorious for issues with the ignition switch and wiring. Double check all of your wiring and connections. Could just be a loose ground or power connection from the remote starter to the ignition harness. Cold weather would put more of a demand on the ignition circuit. I’m interested to hear what you find. Is my battery being drained by the remote starter. There are so many myths out there and I just want to know if it is affecting my car in any way. Sounds like there is definitely a problem and the shop that installed it should take the time to diagnose it. I have no book or info about the astero that was installed with this vechile or who installed it. Any info would be greatly appreciated, as I have never had autp start before. Thanks. When I try to start it with remote then tail lights flashs and turns off, Engines tries to start but it doesnot(I can hear sound from engine). I have checked the gas cap is tight, Check engine light is off, it still have engine oil for next 3000 miles Battery in the remote is good as i am able to lock and unlock the car from good distance. When i showd it to the dealer he asked me to taken a appointment. If this is a simple issue that I can resolve by my self then i dont want to take an appointment. Can you please give your expert advise.

I would have your installer reprogram it. Never had a problem but just last week it started beeping once about every minute. Nothing shows up on the display and everything works fine but just a bit annoying thanks! When I press the auto start button, the car turn on the panel in 2 sec., but start the engine after 100 sec. ( the car NOT flash the lights with some error code as informed at the users manual).Take it to your nearest Compustar dealer and they should be able to get it out of diesel mode for you. Yesterday I went to a store n I came out n tried to start my car with the key n it wouldn’t start. Any suggestions?? I would definitely take that back to whoever installed it and have them troubleshoot it. The possibility does exist that it is not a remote starter issue and is a problem with your vehicle. Car looked like it reacted to the switch, remote worked for the day. Came about today, remote doesn’t work.Yesterday he was messing with it after he parked the truck for the day and today he went to start the truck and it wont start with the key fob or the key. The truck will crank but no start. Just yesterday before he was trying to figure the remote out the truck was fine. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I will be home and just a few weeks and need to have it on the road. Thank You Not too sure of what he could have done, but it sounds like the transponder has locked out. Usually waiting a period of time will solve this issue. Much appreciated. When I returned to the truck, the remote would not work at all. When I tried to start the truck, it would not turn over or attempt to start. The remote flashes but the truck does not acknowledge. When I try to start it with the key, it doesn’t even attempt to start. The radio doesn’t turn on, the window’s won’t respond. It is not a battery problem. AAA came out and tested the battery and the battery is fine. AAA did find that the positive battery terminal was loose and he tightened it down.

Any possible solutions or idea’s will be greatly appreciated!!! The mechanic has not been able to recreate the problem. Could the remote start have done this. If so, any idea’s where the wiring mix up could be? Remote installers are adamant it is not the autostart and I’ve had it into Toyota 3 times for electrical evaluation and 2 new batteries and the problem still exists. Where does one go from here. No one wants to take responsibility or can accurately diagnose the problem. What I can tell you is this: Your installer OR the dealer should be able to do a simple current draw test with the remote starter hooked up and then with it disconnected.It likely is a simple fix. So i just unlocked the vehicle and the alarm went off i try to start it but it would turn on and the just shut off. So i had to leave the vehicle there. Helpp i dont know whats wrong!! They started the car remotely right after i changed the battery, but now the remote starter is no longer starting the car. It can open and close the doors still tho. Can you help diagnose the problem? Give your installer or the manufacturer a call and see what the procedure is to put it in or out of Valet mode. Now that is cold again I decided to look into it. We couldnt get any lights blinking to tell us what was going on. I followed your guide and found it was in valet mode. It took a couple tries to get it to indicate it was out, but now the system is working fine the car is starting by remote and it is due to your trouble shotting guide, which saved me from having to pay to have it looked at. Thanks for the guide, most useful tool you put together to help out folks! I have to press the remote start button once than vehicle starts this happens on the first start of the day and when its cold out. When using key car starts no problem. Take the vehicle back to where it was purchased and installed. If it is a transponder issue, it is likely an easy fix. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

I got in and put my key in the ignition and it wouldn’t start at all. Battery is fine, lights, heat and everything runs, just won’t start. What now? The remote was in both Valet and Passive mode when all came back on. I took it out of both modes. Now the vehicle will start but after 4-5 mins (i have times it) When pressing start it acknowledges with the one beep and the dome light comes on, then 4-5 minutes later the engine will start and the notification beeps come in. I am wondering if the remote needs re-programming or there is a different issue I would take it to the shop that installed it and have them diagnose it. Likely is nothing major. I start the car with the remote and the vehicle starts no problem, however there is no power to anything inside the vehicle. All that starting the car does is warm the engine. The blower fan, radio, lights etc do not turn on or anything. This defeats the purpose of having a car starter when you have to brave the elements to literally put the key in the ignition and turn it to power on everything needed. Any help is good help. Thanks in advance I would recommend that you visit the local Hyundai dealer for assistance. If it is aftermarket, it is likely that the accessory circuit is not tied in properly. I am not sure what buttons I should be pushing to remote start the car. So far I can only get click sounds from the car. What buttons on the key fob should I hit to remote start the car. Or what needs to be done on my car to make the remote start work? Thank you. Please contact the manufacturer for assistance. Since you did work under the hood, the first thing tI would check is to make sure that the tach sense wire is still connected. It could also be a bypass programming issue. In either case, I would have your installer take a look at it. Likely not a big issue. It usually runs through the firewall. I would also check and make sure the mechanic didn’t disconnect anything by accident. May have inadvertently cut a wire.

Four buttons on the remote lock,unlock,start and trunk. A few days ago the remote start stopped working. If you pushed the button a few times it would finally activate to start and the same with the door locks you would hit the button like ten times then it would work. Now nothing works. Can start the car with the key just fine the button just doesn’t work at all I replaced the battery’s thinking they was to weak but nope not the problem I tried the other key fob we have for spare and still not working. This has worked for over two years so weird that it quit all of a sudden. There is nothing new I the car no service lights or anything. If I let the car “sit” for maybe 1 hour etc.I get one horn blast and then nothing. Seems like SOMETHING may be shutting power down to the remote starter after the car sits for awhile. Also check to your tach settings and crank time if applicable. Depending on the install type and product will determine which feature is best suited. When an engine is warm it starts a little quicker and requires less crank time then when the engine is cold. It could be cranking for not quite long enough before it starts which would cause it to shit the engine is cooling after a period of time needing an extra second. In the troubleshooting section you should see a problem that corresponds with the amount of flashes. The starter is mounted under your dash and it should have a name or model on it. Check to be sure your hood pin is in working order if equipped. When I try the remote is does not work. The lights flash like they suppose to do but nothing happens. All I can say it just stopped working for some reason. What could be the problem and how can I fix it. Your best bet is take it back to your installer and have them take a look at it. We have been using it for 3 years now. The remotes both have stopped. The doors will lock and unlock using the remotes, but the car tail lights or horn does not beep when we activate the door lock button.

The trunk will not open using the remote, and the car will not auto start. The lights on the car do not go on or flash or blink we when press the auto start button. The blue lights on the remote do flicker when we hit door open, door lock, trunk and start. I have done the valet reset on each remote, trying it several times with no luck. The anti theft light on the dash in the car is no longer blinking. We found the box under the dashboard, with wires going up, but we cannot find a button on it to move or reset. The hood pin we cannot find. We unhooked the battery cable, and it did not resolve, and I tried resetting valet again. Still, no car lights or horn honk when we try anything. Everything was working perfectly last week. We have not had any service done on the car. There is a compustar receiver fastened inside the windshield behind the rear view window. I dont know if there is suppose to be a power light on that. Or if that might need a battery. The remote batteries should be ok, as they do flicker blue. Could the wires on the box under the dashboard, been moved, pulled out or disrupted. Could you explain better where this switch on that Box under dash is located to find? Thank you I somehow missed this when responding to comments. It sounds like you have pretty well covered your bases. I would definitely take it to an authorized Compustar dealer for diagnosis. I wish I had a better answer. Hope this helps. Thats why I am wondering if something in the car got unhooked, or has a battery problem. The car starts just fine with the key. Also, when I use the remote to lock or unlock the dorrs, it does do that on the car, but no tail lights flash in response, and horn does not honk once, like it used to. Be sure that you are pressing the Lock and Trunk buttons at precisely the same time and only for a half a second. Other thank that, it would need to be looked at.If it was purchased elsewhere, we would still be able to help but there would be a fee for our time.

I hope this helps. It now will start the car using the remote and all the lights blink on the car as they are suppose to, and the horn chirps once when I hit lock. Thank you for making these posts available, and for actually responding to people questions in such a timely manner. With key engine turns on no problem. Kill switch works like it should. No fuses blown. When I purchased the car, the remote start worked perfectly (not sure when it was originally installed). Last winter, it stopped working and I have not been able to get it to work since. Because the Saturn Ion has so many problems starting in the winter I would love to have it working again. There is no owners manual in the vehicle but from what I can tell it is a Valet 562T model with a 474T remote (looks like this: ). Pressing the star (yellow) button twice within 3 seconds used to start the car, but does not anymore. It sounds like it’s in valet mode but I need help getting it to work. Any suggestions? Unfortunately, this is not a brand that we offer. I believe Valet remote car starters are made by Directed Electronics. I would try to contact them about this situation. It likely is a simple fix for someone who is familiar with that brand. I had a remote strater installed last year and it has been working trouble free until 3 days ago (during our -30 degree winter). I think I pressed the wrong button by mistake when I tried to start it at that time.Lately the car will start remotely then the engine cuts out within 1-2 seconds. The dash lights, radio and heater stay on like the key was in the dash but the car does not stay running. The red alarm light does appear to be functioning appropriately. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Patty It really is something that you will need to have someone take a look at. If I am correct it is nothing major, but does require a professional to service. Good luck!